Michael Jackson: Not Guilty

By June 13, 2005General

We thought we’d be remiss if we didn’t jump on this story: Michael Jackson was acquitted today at a time this afternoon when we were all supposed to be working. We’ve not really been covering it, weren’t in one of those 500 sound and satellite trucks parked outside the courthouse in California.

But no self-respecting blog would miss out on this story. We were watching the spectators on Fox News as the verdicts were read. One woman brought a pen (cage?) full of doves and released them one by one as the verdicts on the nine or so counts were read. Apparently doves are a sign of acquittal in molestation cases. Who knew?

Many in the crowd jumped up and down and celebrated, it was a huge party. One guy held up a sign saying, “Michael: On behalf of mankind, we’re sorry.” We’re not sure but we think it was the programming chief at CNN. There go the last of the ratings for Larry King. In the background, a large French flag was waving (raise your hand if you’re surprised), like the scene before intermission in Les Miserables. Jacko is like a cult hero over there. Him and Jerry Lewis. Go figure.

In any event, we couldn’t really find a manufacturing angle here, but thought as responsible bloggers we should commemorate this historic day and say, “Michael, on behalf of manufacturing-kind, we’re sorry.”