Manufacturers: You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania

By June 16, 2005Report from America

NAM President John Engler was in Pennsylvania on Tuesday with a full schedule of meetings with NAM members and state legislators. Along the way, he was adding a little push to the Keystone Manufacturing Initiative (KMI), sponsored by a great and sharp young state representative, Mike Turzai. This is such a great idea and a common sense bill which we hope will catch on in the other 49 state capitols and in Washington as well.

The KMI is a combination of about 16 pieces of legislation, all aimed at making it easier for manufacturers to compete in the world market. The bills that are part of the KMI range from workers’ comp reform to tax reform, reg relief and health care tax credits.

Kudos to Mike Turzai for getting it right and thanks to John Engler for standing with Turzai on this and hopefully adding a little lift to the efforts to get it passed.

Download a summary of the KMI or just send the link to your own state legislator, ask them why you don’t have something like this in your state.