Lou Takes on The UN and the Commies

By June 16, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchAccording to his website, tonight’s installment of Lou’s show featured an interview with a Congressman about the UN Reform Act. Don’t get us wrong, the UN needs reform, needs it badly, but coming from Lou, it all just sounds like so much isolationism.

He also takes on the tech companies who have acquiesced to the Chinese demands to alter their China-based content so as not to offend the Chinese government, or “communist China”, as Lou calls it. For our part, we throw in with Collin Powell, who sees the benefit in China’s increased access to the Internet far outweighing over time any detriment to short-term infringements of free speech. Hooking China up to the Internet, using all the tools available from Microsoft, Google, et al, and unleashing the information flow that comes with it — even if breifly impeded — in our veiw is a good thing. Eventually, freedom will ring. About that we have no doubt, but apparently Lou does.