‘If the King’s English Was Good Enough For Jesus…”

By June 15, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchOn Lou’s show tonight, apparently he had a segment called, “Broken Borders” (stop us if you’ve heard this one), featuring an interview with the LA County DA about “his plan to extradite Mexican criminal suspects back to the United States for trial.” As Bart Simpson would say, “Aye, carumba!” Guess law-abiding Mexican-Americans aren’t part of Lou’s core demographic.

As if that’s not enough, tonight on his website, he has a link to two other CNN stories: “Feds’ Border Action Not Nearly Enough”, is one. The other? “English-only Advocates See Barriers to Bill Easing Up”. English only? Is this issue still alive in America? Thank God it wasn’t around when Lou’s ancestors landed here, or ours.

All this reminds us of the famous quote from “Ma” Ferguson, the first female Governor of Texas. Campaigning for an earlier version of an English-only referendum in 1925 she had the perfect sound bite. “If the King’s English was good enough for Jesus”, said Ma, “It’s good enough for me.”

On this, you get no argument from Lou.