Happy Father’s Day, Manufacturing-Style

By June 19, 2005General

poster.jpg The image on the left adorns the wall of one of the meeting rooms at NAM headquarters. Found in a second-hand shop in New York City a number of years ago, it was part of an ambitious billboard campaign that the NAM ran in conjunction with the Outdoor Advertising Association during the 30’s and 40’s, running billboards in every town with a population larger than 2,500. Like we said, it was ambitious. This one, as others, was done by Frederic Stanley, a well-known artist of the day whose work was reminiscent of Norman Rockwell and who also did covers for the Saturday Evening Post and other magazines. The image is quaint, the message timeless.

In any event, we pass it along this Father’s Day as an enduring symbol of dad’s role in society, and in manufacturing. While times have changed and women now make up more than half of the workforce, dear old dads are still working out there, still bringing home the bacon.

Here’s an article by our own Marissa Gandelman on the manufacturer’s role in this Father’s Day. Whether dad spends Father’s Day grilling on his Weber Grill or golfing with his Titleist clubs, manufacturers will be right there with him, making his day special.

Happy Father’s Day!