Friday Follies: Mindless Fun, Rubber Faces

By June 17, 2005Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpgHere’s the peril in relying on a 13 year-old for the Friday Follies this week. You get stuff that is a little odd and a little, well, adolescent.

The first one this week is the new hit among bored people everywhere called, “Rubber Faces“, where you get to click on the face of any number of famous and near-famous folks and distort their pictures in any number of ways. It’s sort of an e-funhouse mirror, except you get to choose who’s in the mirror. There’s even a Hall of Fame page that includes the favorite handiwork of some of the artistes who have visited this site.

In any event, as we said, it’s good for a few hours of mindless fun –but of course, never — ever — at work.