Friday Follies: Don’t Tangle with Mother Goose

By June 10, 2005Friday Follies

fridayfollies.jpg This audio file made the rounds a month or so ago, and it is absolutely hilarious. It takes a minute or so to unfold, but it’s well worth the wait. And, better yet, it’s not obscene, it’s something the whole family can listen to, if they’re into hearing a description of a guy being beaten by a bunch of “little old ladies”.

According to a story by Dan Reed in the Mercury News, Mike Childs was a construction manager for Jack in the Box. He was leaving a voice mail for his boss to let him know he was running late for a meeting when he witnessed an accident, a man running into an Impala filled with, in Child’s description, “little old ladies” including one who apparently resembled Mother Goose.

As it unfolds, a combination of the –literal– blow-by-blow (involving, among other implements, an umbrella, pepper spray and a Bible) and Childs’ infectious laugh make this hysterical to listen to. If you haven’t already heard it, do give it a listen. If you’ve already heard it, listen again. Every time we hear it, we laugh harder and harder.

Enjoy and have a good weekend!