Dobbs Watch

By June 9, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchWith this entry, we begin a new feature, keeping an eye on Louie One-Note, the estimable and sanctimonious Lou Dobbs. As we’ve said before, he has the best gig on TV, doing the same story or two night after night. Heck, even Dan Rather had to mix it up now and then. Our problem with pal Louie is that he just flat ignores the facts in his rants on (…cue ominous music…) “the outsourcing of America”, in the process ignoring the real problem of the 22% cost disadvantage we face vs. our trading partners.

He is also so xenophobic, with his anti-immigrant rants. There is no one more detestable than one who, once safely on the boat, wants to pull up the ladder. Dobbs doesn’t look Native American to us, meaning that he is of immigrant stock somewhere along the blue blood line. With a few generations safely behind him, he now rails against immigrants with abandon. We are a nation of immigrants, unique in the world. It’s what makes us great. E pluribus unum — remember?

So we’ll keep an eye on him in this space, will add a tag over on the left that says, “Dobbs Watch” and we’ll note various stories and peccadilloes from time to time that get our goat and that cry out for correction.

To get you started, here’s “Lou’s World“, a section on his website that invites you to “Explore Lou’s favorite destinations”. (Boss! Zee plane!). Note the last two — the Flat Earth Society extraordinaire, the mis-named US Business and Industry Council, featuring resident Luddite Alan Tonelson and — lo and behold — “The AFL-CIO Jobs Site”, a carbon copy of his nightly rant. Maybe he ought to call this section “People Who Agree With Me”. As you’ll see, it’s a short list.

By the way, on his website today he has an instant poll: “Is DNC Chair Howard Dean: Brash, Bold, Outrageous or Effective?” We kept scrolling down, looking for “nuts”, “loopy”, “crazy”, “scary”, “unstable” or “loony”, but to no avail. Liberace was outrageous. Howard Dean is nutty and getting nuttier by the day. Careful, Louie, your partisanship is showing…