Coming Soon: The Saturday Video of the Week

By June 30, 2005General

Because our blog readers are persistent and because traffic remains high throughout the weekend, we’re starting another regular feature this Saturday called the “Saturday Video of the Week”. It’s for all of us adults who are too old to watch cartoons on Saturday morning. These will be cool manufacturing videos so you can get out of bed, pour a bloody mary and watch stuff being made. And, it won’t gum up all the important policy stuff we have to take care of during the week, like the boycott of People magazine. We’ve got a bunch of these videos, will start this Saturday. They’re generally pretty short — 5-10 minutes in length but that was the limit of the attention span of the blogger’s apprentice, who found most of them. What the heck, you can watch them over and over again.

Check back on Saturdays for the video of the week. As you’re coming down from your “Friday Follies” high, you can watch cool stuff being made.