Chile, an Object Lesson in Free Trade

By June 30, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs Watch There are just so many facts out there that Lou Dobbs continues to ignore, choosing instead to condemn trade as a bad deal for the US. A case in point is Chile. We entered into one of those cursed (to Lou) Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Chile in only 2004. Before then, the EU’s share of the Chilean market was substantial. As we’ve noted repeatedly, this is a multi-lateral world. Well, since the Chilean FTA took effect, our share of Chile’s imports has risen some 20% — and that’s in a little over a year.

As our trade guru, Frank Vargo, said, “Our experience with Chile is further proof that FTA’s boost US exports by…removing foreign trade barriers.”

Here’s a link to some info we put out today on Chile, further puncturing the myth that FTA’s hurt US manufacturers.