CAFTA: To The Mattresses!

By June 30, 2005Dobbs Watch

Dobbs Watch It was Sonny Corleone who famously said in “The Godfather” that when the going got tough it was time to go to the mattresses. Well, the time is here for CAFTA.

Much to Lou Dobbs’ chagrin, and in spite of a constant drumbeat against CAFTA and trade on his little drum up in CNN studios in New York, the Senate Finance Committee, in a bipartisan show of support, approved CAFTA today, sending it out of Committee and on to the floor for a vote as soon as tomorrow. Here’s a copy of the press release John Engler put out today, praising the work of the Senate Finance Committee.

And so we go to the mattresses. Here’s a link to our CAFTA Resource Center, with all the tools necessary to weigh in with your Senator to let them know you support free trade and support CAFTA.