CAFTA, By the Numbers

By June 24, 2005Miscellaneous, Trade

Dobbs Watch Much has been said and written about all the imagined ill effects of CAFTA, should it pass. However the US Department of Commerce has done a pretty exhaustive state-by-state analysis of current trade with CAFTA nations and the expected impact if CAFTA is ratified.

Take for example the Cradle of Civilization, New Jersey. The Garden State exported some $200 million worth of goods to CAFTA countries in 2004. Jersey, as it’s called, saw its exports to NAFTA countries increase some 81%. Is there any reason to believe the same wouldn’t happen once CAFTA passes?

All of this data, from the Commerce Department, the Agriculture Department and a collection of scores of favorable editorials and articles about CAFTA from local newspapers can be found in the Trade Resource Center done by the Business Roundtable. Don’t imagine Lou Dobbs will look at this one, either. He doesn’t cotton to dissent.