CAFTA: A Top Ten Market

By June 24, 2005Dobbs Watch, Trade

Dobbs Watch
potatoe1.jpg This one surprised even us. When you think about the CAFTA market as an export market for US goods, where do you suppose it would rank? These are a bunch of small countries after all and there are hundreds of countries with which we trade. Do you think they’d be in the top 100? The top 50? Top 30?

The truth is that the CAFTA market is our tenth largest export market. That puts them just ahead of Australia, a pretty large market for us, two ahead of Brazil, another large US export market and way, way ahead of India, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. All in all, we export over $15 billion worth of goods to CAFTA countries. This will only increase should CAFTA pass.

Washington Post reporter Dave Broder called CAFTA trade “small potatoes” just last week. Now, we don’t pick any fights with Dave Broder. He’s a great and seasoned writer, well-respected by every corner of the political landscape, but on this one he’s just wrong. In fact, since he used the term, “potatoes“, (only use the “e” when plural), we went ahead and checked. We exported some $700 million worth of potatoes around the globe last year. So that would make the CAFTA $15 billion market some 20x the size of the entire potato export market.

Hmmmm…… Not such small potatoes after all.