Boycott People Magazine!

By June 26, 2005General

This is hard for us, as People has long been our Bible, our go-to source for weekly information, but this time they’ve gone too far, the ultimate snub. This week’s issue — “How Tom Proposed” is the cover story — there is a special section, “The Hottest Beach Bodies”. We quickly turned to the story — in the interest if manufacturing, you see — only to find that in among Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Hurley, David Beckham, Colin Farrel and Beyonce, there is not a manufacturer in sight! We just think this is a disgusting oversight. How on earth could they ignore the manufacturing sector, that represents one-eighth of our GDP? Does Beyonce represent an eighth of GDP? Don’t think so, she’s only like a tenth or something. Standing alone we’d be the 8th largest economy in the world, larger even than Oprah and several times larger than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie combined! (By the way, any idea how hard it is to find a G-rated photo of Angelina Jolie to post on a family-friendly blog site….?)

So we figure it’s time to show a little of that economic muscle, gang. Time to send a message to People. Unless and until they start including some of those hard-bodied manufacturers out there, we’re reading Us, where it looks like Denise Richards is fixin’ to speak out at last — about manufacturing, we assume….