AFL-CIO Update

By June 26, 2005General

Things have been busy on so many fronts these days that we’ve not been able to pay proper homage to John Sweeney’s ineptness. The guy with the most up-to-date, consistently reliable information is Jonathan Tasini in his Working Life blog. He’s done some interesting analysis of the AFL-CIO budget and sees the potential for about a $30 million hit if the dissidents split from the AFL-CIO. Ouch. There’s a lot of potential wasted political contributions they could make with that money.

In any event, the Executive Committee meets again tomorrow and also — as we predicted back on the 17th of June — Carpenter’s President Doug McCarron (remember, he left the AFL-CIO already over frustration with Sweeney’s incompetence and their lack of focus on organizing) is expected to join the Change to Win Coalition tomorrow.

We posted a good natured tweak in the comments section under this entry on Jonathan’s blog. he really has been doing a great job with this story. If Sweeney goes, the members will have Jonathan to thank. In any event, Jonathan said “you heard it here first”, breaking the McCarron news. We felt compelled to say that no, we actually broke that story over a week ago. But on everything else, Tasini is way ahead of the curve.