ADA Comments

By June 6, 2005General

Way back in March, we ran a piece on the blog about a wacky plan by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to expand the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in a way that would require manufacturers to make all areas of their physical plants ADA-compliant whether or not they employed or had ever employed a disabled person. The uproar from manufacturers was enormous and, we think, is starting to have an effect on the pointy-heads over at DOJ.

Here’s a link to comments filed last week on our behalf by David Fortney of Fortney & Scott, outlining our objections. They are best summed up by one line contained therein, i.e., “Simply stated, it appears to us that the revised Guidelines will result in an immediate, substantial, yet wholly unknown additional cost…for manufacturing operations, without providing any discernible benefit for…individuals with disabilities.” Yeah, there’s the rub.

We’ll say it again: manufacturers are at the forefront of accommodating disabled workers. We support the spirit of the ADA and comply with the letter of the ADA. However, we also labor under a 22% cost disadvantage vs. our trading partners in areas like overly-burdensome regulation. We ain’t against regulation, we’re against stupid regulations.

Let’s hope this asinine idea gets sidetracked, and soon.