The Blog: Way Ahead of the Curve

By May 17, 2005General

An interesting day as the mainstream media scrambled to catch up to the latest shenanigans surrounding the AFL-CIO that was already on the blogs. The release of the new proposal from the dissidents caused this latest — and late — torrent. We posted the stuff from Jonathan Tasini’s Working Life blog yesterday. Today, here come the usual suspects with their stories of what was to the blog readers old news. Tom Edsall (Washington Post) did his usual credible job. The gray lady, the NY Times, looked grayer still today with their story. Others also weighed in, with decent efforts from William Glanz at the Washington Times and Josh Gerstein of the NY Sun, who actually broke some news last week with his good article about the Teamsters gathering in Las Vegas. No links here — you can find ’em all on Google.

We did want to say thanks to Jonathan Tasini and to all our faithful blog readers who have kept us pretty consistently ahead of the beat reporters on this. It’s funny — in the NY Times report by Steve Greenhouse, he says John Wilhelm’s the guy, which — we reported a day or so ago — is less clear to us than ever now. However, Greenhouse goes on to hedge toward the end his piece that “several Wilhelm supporters said that if he declined to run, they would support Terence O’Sullivan, the laborers’ president.” The NY Sun’s Gerstein speculates that Harold Schaitberger of the Firefighters might be the dissidents’ — or the “third way” — candidate, but at this point, it’s all pretty volatile. No one has critical mass yet, and time’s a-wastin’. Someone will emerge soon.

The NY Times really should just steer their readers here to the blog, so they’d know this as it happens.

To you faithful readers out there we say, keep the info coming and we’ll stay ahead of the curve.