The $1Trillion Solution

By May 10, 2005General

Yesterday found NAM President John Engler back home in Michigan for his first major economic address since seizing the reins here some 6 months ago. He outlined a five-part plan of action that, when fully implemented, would inject some $1 trillion of spending and investment into the economy. The good news, as he said, is that the plan already exists and is pending before Congress in the form of the energy bill, Clear Skies, the highway bill, asbestos reform and the telecomm/broadband legislation. For a breakdown of how much each would contribute to the economy see our press release which also includes a link to the full speech. As Engler said, it’s time for Congress to move from the brake to the accelerator.

Some 600 folks turned out to hear Engler, a huge crowd by any standard. There was also a great amount of press interest, including a great story in the Detroit News by Charlie Cain and an AP story by Ken Thomas.

Over the past half year, below the radar, Engler has been quietly hitting a few dozen states, carrying the manufacturing message and meeting with manufacturers large and small. Plan on seeing that continue until the climate for manufacturing in this country dramatically improves.

All in all, a great job yesterday by the Gov. Here’s a link to a video of the speech.