Sweeney vs. The Blogs

By May 13, 2005Labor Unions

When John Sweeney finally exits — as he will — the blogs once again will have played a prominent role. We don’t pretend to be in the lead in that number (although we’ve clearly harnessed some of the angst), but Andy Stern’s Unite To Win blog has certainly played a big role in galvanizing opposition and putting out a clear vision of where the labor movement should be headed. There are at last two others that we’re aware of: One is the Working Life blog, which is just a general union blog but has some good stuff on there about Sweeney and the dissidents, including a report from this week about the Las Vegas hijinks. The other is simply called the “Labor Blog“, but it also has some very scathing and critical pieces on there, including an open letter to John Sweeney from a fellow trade unionist angry about the elimination of the safety and health department at the AFL-CIO.

And do check out Unite To Win to see Andy Stern’s post from Wednesday about his experiences at the Great Gathering this week in Vegas.