Press, Public Not on Same Page, Take 3

By May 26, 2005General

Some new fodder on the topic from a faithful blog reader, in the form of new stats from Evan Cornog, publisher of the Columbia Journalism Review:

— In l964, 81% of Americans read a daily paper. Today, that figure is down to about 50%, speeding toward a minority.

— The percentage of readers age 18-34 who read newspapers regularly is down to about 20%, dropping almost in half from 39% only 8 years ago.

— OK, mainstream media folks, avert your eyes…. Where are the young ‘uns going to get their news? You guessed it: blog readership jumped 58% to almost 32 million, growing by 40,000 new readers every day, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project. We’ve seen our blog traffic grow tenfold since launching in November, simply because we have the most intelligent readers on the planet and because we never, ever pander.

Hey, by the way, why doesn’t anybody ever comment? We see our traffic soar, but our comments are almost nil. Our hope is to build an online community of folks interested in manufacturing issues (and Friday Follies, of course), but thus far, you readers have been shy. Are you bored or in awe? Please say the latter…..