Press, Public Not on Same Page, Take 2

By May 24, 2005General

We just couldn’t pass this up. In the study mentioned below by UConn’s School of Public Policy, only 11% of journalists rated the news from blogs as either excellent or good, while some 73% rated it fair or poor. Ouch! Worse still for the blogger-in-chief is the news that only 13% of them consider bloggers to be journalists. There goes our chance for membership in the National Press Club

So what do you guess was the response when they asked how many journalists actually use these unreliable, un-journalistic blogs? Oh, well, uh… that would be 83% of them, with 40% using blogs at least once a week! If we’re so damned unreliable, why are they reading our stuff so often? How ’bout we just blushingly accept the compliment?

Aw, shucks, never knew you cared…..