New Proposals Expected from Gang of Five Today

By May 16, 2005Labor Unions

drip.jpg In his “Working Life” blog, Jonathan Tasini reports that there will be some new info coming out today from the Gang of Five who are challenging John Sweeney at the AFL-CIO. Jonathan says this McElroy thing is not a slam dunk (we hear it is) and says to watch the ever, uh… nimble (that’s a nicer word) Gerry McEntee of AFSCME. Ten years ago he threw in with Sweeney, thereby guaranteeing his victory. He can be the kingmaker again this time. If he throws in with the insurgents, they win and rule a bigger AFL-CIO, as the Carpenters will likely return. If he throws in with Sweeney, he will rule over a much smaller kingdom, as the insurgents and others will likely bolt.

Here’s a link to the new proposal.