‘Labor’s Civil War’

By May 26, 2005Labor Unions

Here’s a fairly exhaustive tome by Harold Meyerson, editor at large of the American Prospect, from their June issue. It’s a 5,000-word whopper entitled, “Labor’s Civil War”, subtitled, “Inside the tumultuous battle over labor’s future.” If you still need to know more after reading this, you are beyond junkie status (and maybe beyond help), whatever that may be.

It’s interesting how history repeats itself and even Meyerson misses the chance to make this point. He talks about how the SEIU’s Andy Stern was a Sweeney underling at the SEIU who Sweeney mentored and advanced. Now he sees his protege turning on him. How quickly they forget…. Sweeney assumed power by running a bitter and personal campaign against his SEIU mentor — and one of the most decent men the labor movement ever knew — Tom Donahue. Interesting how what goes around comes around, isn’t it? We’ve seen this movie before.