It’s Recess — Ring the Bell

By May 31, 2005General

As you may know, May 30 through June 3 is a Congressional Recess, …uh…, we mean a Congressional District Work Period. This means that members of congress are back home where you live, making the rounds at local schools, plants and civic groups. Now is the time for some good ol’ retail politics, to weigh in with your representatives on issues on the manufacturing agenda. What has made the NAM so effective is that we have the best members in America who are not shy about weighing in and — better still — about getting their employees to weigh in — on issues of importance to manufacturers. At least one NAM board member has already shared this info with his employees and they are already about the business of democracy.

There are a few hot items at the moment where your push can be very helpful. These are outlined in the NAM Recess Memo that most NAM members received from NAM President John Engler last week. We’ll start with two issues, with more to follow in this space during this week:

— Just last week, after a year or more of wrangling (can you imagine if you ran your business like this….?), the Senate passed the Energy bill out of committee. With gas prices at the pump soaring, this bill has a common sense mix of conservation and finding new energy sources — all of which will help us move toward true energy independence. Please tell your Senator to get the job done, “to take their foot off the brake and put it on the accelerator” as John Engler says, and pass the energy bill.

— Likewise, on asbestos, this is a bill that’s been well over a year in gestation. While folks fiddle, more companies go out of business, more workers see their 401(k)’s become worthless and more sick people die while healthy people collect huge sums along with their lawyers. Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania finally succeeded in getting a bill out of committee last week before they adjourned. We need you to help get this one across the goal line, too, by contacting your Senators. It’s very easy. Just click here to send an e-mail or a fax to your Senators, to urge them to keep the process moving forward.