‘Is Labor Headed for Splitsville?’

By May 19, 2005Labor Unions

Under that headline ran a pretty good article from our friend Aaron Bernstein over at Business Week. However, he’d be disappointed if we didn’t point out that the word we have is that AFT President Ed McElroy has already switched sides from Sweeney to the dissidents (the article notes it only as a possibility). More importantly, one of our labor skates commented to us via e-mail on the article saying, “Why does [Bernstein] keep talking about Sweeney’s vaunted political machine? The Republicans control everything!”

Good point. Bernstein is not alone, however. Both Tom Edsall of the Washington Post and Steve Greenhouse of the NY Times buy into that same canard. Under Sweeney, the Democrats have slowly seen their margins decline, and now control neither house of Congress nor the White House, in spite of hundreds of millions of Sweeney’ members’ money down the political rat hole. If these guys think that’s success, they must think we’re gods.