Friday Follies – Put Down That Crackberry!

By May 6, 2005Friday Follies

OK, this one hit a little close to home….

According to a recent story the “findings of a new scientific experiment reveal that those who ‘over juggle’ and who constantly disrupt meetings and important tasks to read and respond to messages on their Blackberries significantly reduce their IQ.”

OK, here’s where it gets interesting: the drop in IQ, says this study from the University of London, is more than double the decline from smoking marijuana, which last time we checked is still frowned on in most business settings. Worser still the drop was more signifricant in mens.

Anyways we dont put to much stokc in studies like this becuz we think there sstupid. wE use the berry all the time and havent’ never showed any nAst y side affect.s

anybody els hungr y ?