Friday Follies – Love, Manufacturers’ Style

By May 6, 2005Friday Follies

It is truly a beautiful thing when two manufacturers fall in love. All the world smiles. And where do you suppose two manufacturers would get married? In a factory, of course.

Just last weekend, NAM alums Jeff Marks and Danielle Sarmir tied the knot in Easton, Pennsylvania. Danielle is steeped in the manufacturing heritage of the Lehigh Valley and worked at the NAM for a few years. Jeff was one of our environmental lobbyists and now works for a member company of ours. So when it came time to get hitched, they looked all over for the perfect location. Ruling out a number of other places with links to famous manufacturers (we’re told Hershey Park was in the running), they finally settled on the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania. For those of you who haven’t ever been, it is one of the great interactive manufacturing tours in the country. Here’s a story about their big day.

By now they are off on their honeymoon somewhere, we’re guessing either Hamtramck, Sandusky or Gary. We wish them both the best, and hope they’ll be making little widgets of their own before too long.