Friday Follies: ‘I’m King of the World!’

By May 20, 2005General

Here’s a great website for the megalomaniacs among us, the grandiose and the delusional. It’s called “NationStates” and it allows you to set up your own country, whether it be a republic, rogue nation, oppressed peoples, whatever. You choose the country’s name, motto, flag, national animal, currency and the type of govenment. If you want, you can enter your e-mail address so it’ll bug you every day or so with pressing issues of state. This would be for those who need to kill time — but never at work, of course.

Our favorite was clicking on “See the World” on the main page and then just scrolling through the names of the countries — like the “Holier Than Thou Empire of Feminist BioEngineering, a “Father Knows Best”-type of govenment — and the mottos — “One nation in very cozy sweaters”, for the Matriarchal Family of Mater, listed as a “Psychotic Dictatorship”. Some of this stuff was laugh out loud funny.

Anyway, you get the idea. Set up your own counry, fly your flag, spend your drachma. Thanks to Joanna Pacori for tipping us off to this very fun and funny site.