Friday Follies: Google Fight

By May 27, 2005General

OK, this one was sent in by one of our two regular blog readers. It’s a website called, “Google Fight” and it allows you to pit one person, place, or thing — or term — against another, to see which has more Google results. Of course, Google results may not translate into a good thing if you happen to be in the news a lot for less than good reasons. Michael Jackson comes to mind….

You can click on the “fight of the Month” — one of which pits the esteemed Mr. Jackson against “Justice” (we’ll not tell you who wins), “Venus vs. Serena Williams” and “MGM vs. Grokster”, to name a few. “The Classics” include everything from “clothed vs. naked” to “God vs. Satan”. Don’t wanna go near that one. “Funny Fights” include “O.J. Simpson vs. Homer Simpson”, “alpha vs. beta” and “Ted Turner vs. Tina Turner” (what about Ike?) among others. We never said it wasn’t mindless, just fun.

And, of course, the coup de grace, our favorite part of the site allows you to put in your own terms and battle it out. Hmmm… let’s see…, we could type in “John Sweeney” and “Competence” and…

Just as we thought — competence wins every time….

Go on — give it a go!