By May 16, 2005General

Although a fact unknown to most, the blogger-in-chief has heretofore worked in his cave, lit only by the light of a fire. He scratches out his daily blogs on a flat rock with a piece of charcoal scavenged from the bed of embers. He sends it by burro to a transcriber who dutifully converts it to the format that you see.

Well this past weekend, the blogger-in-chief stumbled out of his cave, squinted into the sun and shouted “Eureka!” and embraced progress. This weekend, the nice people from Cox Cable came and pried his cold nearly-dead fingers off of his beloved 56K modem and launched him headlong into the world of high-speed, never to return. We are left to wonder, can indoor plumbing be far behind….?

No matter — now unleashed, the bar has been raised. Presumably we can expect not only higher-quality material, but we can perhaps even expect a greater frequency of stuff.

God help us all.