By May 9, 2005Labor Unions

drip.jpgAs we promised, below, here’s more bad news for soon-to-be-departing AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. A story by Marc Ambinder of ABC News on Friday — and linked on the “Unite To Win” blog — reports that a key Sweeney ally has resigned from an important AFL-CIO slot. Here’s the skinny: Harold Schaitberger is President of the Int’l Assn of Fire Fighters. He was a very early supporter of John Kerry (remember, he ran for President), and this increased both Schaitberger’s national stature and his stature within the AFL-CIO. He was a key ally of Sweeney and Schaitberger’s newly-fortified standing could only help the embattled Sweeney. Sweeney reciprocated by naming Schaitberger chairman of the consequential AFL-CIO Public Affairs Committee.

Well, apparently Sweeney forgot to clue his Public Affairs Committee Chairman (and key ally) in on this little matter of the massive re-organization and mass layoff of a third of the staff announced last week. Schaitberger wasn’t happy.

As Ambinder reports, “in a scathing and personal letter to Sweeney”, apparently Schaitberger noted that in spite of the fact that he saw Sweeney the day before the re-org was announced to the world, Sweeney failed to so much as mention it to Schaitberger.

As a result, Schaitberger resigned as head of the Public Affairs Committee. Looks like John Wilhelm has just picked up another supporter.