By May 18, 2005Labor Unions

drip.jpgHere’s the daily dose of bad news for John Sweeney, this time from within his own building. As first reported in Jonathan Tasini’s Working Life Blog, here’s a letter from AFL-CIO employees — themselves union members — disgruntled over his mis-handling of the layoff of a third of the staff, announced while Sweeney was in Paris.

What’s extraordinary about the letters — one from AFL HQ staff, one from the Field staff (which apparently is being eliminated), is that they raise basic labor issues ignored by Sweeney & Co. in executing the layoffs. It’s another classic case of the AFL-CIO not being burdened by consistency, of the AFL-CIO disregarding the rules it advocates for employers, and of the AFL-CIO view that what’s good for the management goose apparently just isn’t necessary for the union gander.

Among their grievances is that Sweeney ignored the little matter of seniority throughout this process. How ironic that the mother ship of organized labor could toss seniority out the window. The employees also raise the issues of whether the layoffs had a disparate impact on people of color and older workers and whether managers were spared at the expense of Guild (union) members. Any of this sound familiar….? It’s either abject insensitivity, ignorance or arrogance. No good options there.

Here’s a link to the letter from the HQ staff and here’s the one from the Field staff.