By May 9, 2005Labor Unions

drip.jpgTwo e-mails from folks in the belly of the beast, inside the AFL-CIO, edited to protect the innocent:

1.) [The]AFL-CIO restructuring plan … will eliminate workers’ compensation services and policy from the mission of the national AFL-CIO, effective July 1, 2005. The action is part of a major staff cut, eliminating 167 jobs and creating 61 new positions. Both the Safety and Health and Public Policy departments will be eliminated.

2.) [The] AFL continues to implode. They are defunding …the Organizing Institute. Laying off lots of staff. The truth is that Sweeney hired [hundreds of new staff]and now has nothing to show for [it]. [The]layoffs are the final blow to Sweeney as he attempts to hang on. He’s a goner.