‘Best of the Blogs’

By May 12, 2005General

Under that heading did Association Management magazine — without a doubt the finest damn magazine in America — list our humble NAM blog. Thanks to Kevin Holland of ACCA for writing the article and for accepting our large gratuity. Just kidding. Kevin runs a pretty good blog himself. We spent the day patting ourselves on the back, of course. Note the gaudy blue ribbon we’ve added over on the left. We tried to make it bigger, but the ego police stopped us. Here’s a link to our self-congratulatory press release.

In any event, we accept this award on behalf of all the little people who made it possible…(insert stock Oscar speech here). Seriously, the NAM’s Dave Kralik was an early supporter of this notion and has provided tech support and a fair amount of content — and goading — to the blogger-in-chief. So, too, Doug Kurkul and Debi Schneider. Most of all, we’d like to thank the big guy himself — not, not God (although He helped, too)– John Engler, who gave us the room (the rope, maybe?) to give this a go. Manufacturers having a blog? How groundbreaking!

Thanks to you regular blog readers, both of you, for hanging in there. We should also thank John Sweeney who of late has given us more than enough content as well.

OK, everybody back to work!