A Ticket Emerges….?

By May 19, 2005General

More chit-chat from the AFL-CIO: look for somebody like Wilhelm to maybe move to put Richard Bensinger on the ticket as Secretary-Treasurer. You may recall that Bensinger was the AFL’s organizing director, left after a spat with Sweeney & Co. Sweeney was mad because Bensinger was actually having some success at organizing, reversing Sweeney’s legacy. Guess that made him uncomfortable. Bensinger also wanted more resources dedicated to organizing, got crosswise with Sweeney over that.

Since leaving, he’s been out there quietly working with some of the more progressive unions intent on organizing. If any candidate to replace Sweeney wants to be viewed as serious about organizing, having Bensinger on the ticket sure makes the point. Thus far he’s been a behind-the-scenes guy, but he might emerge in a more active role before all is said and done.

Stay tuned….