Thoughts on the Filibuster

By April 21, 2005General

Rich Galen’s comments on the filibuster, noted below, and outlined in Mullings today set us to thinking, especially since they were echoed to one degree or another by his fellow panelists, both considerable political minds in their own right.

The conventional fiction surrounding the filibuster — a canard fostered by the amen chorus on the left — is that the filibuster is somehow a creature of the US Constitution. It isn’t. You can see for yourself by clicking on this link and reading the Constitution in its entirety. Go to “Edit” on your pull down menu, click on “Find” and type in “Filibuster”, see if it comes up. It won’t. That’s because it’s a Senate rule, part of the arcana that makes up the ways of the US Senate. And, they’ve changed the rule throughout history. They may be fixin’ to change it again.