The Times’ Double Standard

By April 25, 2005General

Interesting editorial in yesterday’s NY Times entitled, “Wisps of Life in Congress”. The point (we think) is found in the last clause, e.g., “primal party loyalty is no substitute for effective, democratic government.” We agree, of course (who wouldn’t?), but what’s interesting is that the Times is caught in a bit of a situation ethics dilemma. The subject of their praise this time is Ohio Senator George Voinovich — a Republican and a pretty good guy, with a strong pro-manufacturing record — who last week expressed his unwillingness to support Administration nominee John Bolton to be Ambassador to the UN. “It was particularly encouraging”, says the Times, “that Senator Voinovich was swayed by the arguments of two Democratic Senators”, Biden of Delaware and Dodd of Connecticut. We wonder if the Times woud be so gushy had two Republicans swayed a Democrat. We’ll have to see if the fawning over at the Times begins next time that happens. No doubt they gushed over Democrat Senator Zell Miller’s speech at the GOP Convention.