The Boss Visits the Wall St. Journal

By April 26, 2005General

Busy week last week. Thursday found us with our boss, John Engler over at the offices of the Wall Street Journal lunching with Bureau Chief Gerry Seib and a host of others, including John Harwood, David Wessel, Mike Schroedeer, Sarah Lueck and Jake Schlesinger. This is a very smart and interesting group, had a good discussion on a whole array of issues from health care (of course) to the need for legal reform and a certain very large Asian country. David Wessel is no stranger to us, having had dinner with our Council of Manufacturing Associations Board some years ago, in the depths of the recession. It was good to see him in some better times. Sarah Lueck knew us from the OSHA beat, before she became a health care expert, and one of the best around. The boss did a good job and was very engaging. Hope we get invited back.