Report from the NAM Public Affairs Conference

By April 19, 2005General

This week found the blogger-in-chief in Florida for the NAM’s Annual Public Affairs Conference. Just our luck – spring finally breaks in Washington, it’s 80 degrees in DC and we’re in Florida. Poor us. Some great sessions on energy and trade, and a fair amount of time spent discussing best practices in the area of employee involvement.

There’s a revolution going on out there, flying under the radar of the mainstream media. Companies are informing and engaging their employees on issues of interest to the continued health of their company, and they are responding in droves. Along the way, they made a difference in some key states.

The worst news is for organized labor, as unionized companies can attest. Employees are — gulp! –getting the facts and voting their pocketbooks. This is very bad news for John Sweeney and Company. One particulary large and active unionized company noted the reaction of the employees as typified by one comment in particular, “Thank you for not telling me how to vote, but for giving me useful information on how these issues affect our business.” As we’ve said before, this is powerful stuff. Check out the Prosperity Project if you’ve not already done so.

Slides from the conference will be posted next week at