More Stuff from the Public Affairs Conference

By April 20, 2005General

Two of the best — or at least most fun — panels were the ones on legal reform and the political outlook.

The former featured trial lawyer extraordinaire Fred Baron, Bruce Hatton of the Livingston Group and the many voices of Victor Schwartz, tireless advocate for tort reform.

Observation #1: Don’t ever have Fred Baron against you in a jury trial. He’s really good. He almost had us believing.

Observation #2: Don’t ever have Victor Schwartz against on you anything.

These guys were really good, really entertaining. You got the feeling that had done this before…

The political outlook featured Jeff DuFour of The Hill and Tamara Lipper of Newsweek. They look to an old blogger like kids, but damn are they smart. They were balanced out on the age scale by the ancient (by comparison) Rich Galen of Mullings fame, who was there at the birth of democracy.

Seriously, these 3 were just entertaining and insightful. Tamara, inveterate journalist, even got to break the story to our seqestered lunch crowd that we had a new Pope. Like we said, she’s good.

Consensus from the 3: Social Security will happen this year and Tom DeLay will ride out the current storm.

If you check out Mullings today, you’ll see a pretty good summary of Rich’s remarks, especially on the topic of the so-called “nuclear” option. Not as good as hearing him deliver it in person, but still good.