Manufacturers and a Walk Spoiled

By April 7, 2005General

The storied Masters begins this week, and everywhere you will see the handiwork of American manufacturers. Starting with the dimpled sphere itself, there will be manufactured products at every turn. Titleist golf balls are made by Fortune Brands, one of our favorite companies — they make golf balls, golf clubs and whiskey — what’s not to love? There’s like one factory in Massachusetts that cranks out a few million balls a day. Almost all are laying at the bottom of a pond somewhere.

Toro handles the mowing chores and Ingersoll-Rand makes the Club Car golf carts.

So when you’re laying around on the couch watching some great golf, remember that you’re also seeing the handiwork of the best manufacturers in the world. Here’s a link to an article by our own Jason Straczewski and David Kralik entitled, “NAM Members Make the Masters Possible”.