Couldn’t Have Said it Better Ourselves

By April 11, 2005General

For those of you who didn’t see it there was a great op-ed in Friday’s Washington Post by NAM member Gary Heiman, President & CEO of Standard Textile Company in Cincinnati entitled “Innovation, Not Quotas”, it lays out the anti-Lou Dobbs/pro-manufacturing case. Heiman’s company has ridden out the rough waters in textiles these days by innovating, spending on R&D and finding new markets, exporting to some 49 countries. As he points out, to produce his newly – innovated products, he requires “a highly educated, or at least educable, workforce and the kinds of skill sets that….are still easier to find in the United States and other developed countries.” So much for labor costs.

Heiman’s op-ed is terrifically done and carries a message that can only be told – confidently and unabashedly — by a US manufacturer because we’re still the best in the world.