What? AARP Isn’t Representing its Members ?!?

By March 21, 2005General

Yup, you read that right — apparently, AARP is once again out ahead of its members in its hysterical opposition to any kind of Social Security reform. This in spite of the fact that the President has been clear to exempt all AARP members (anyone born before 1950), from any changes in benefits. That’s been lost in the cacophony, but apparently not lost on seniors, according to a new poll.

The poll — conducted by the non-partisan Generations Together showed that three-fifths of voters age 55 and older believe that offering personal retirement accounts to younger workers is a good idea, as long as nothing changes in their own Social Security benefits. In fact, AARP members were slightly more likely to find personal accounts a good idea than non-AARP members. This would put AARP members almost foursquare in opposition to the position taken by their hired hands in Washington. Worse yet for AARP, 65% of their members and 66% of non-AARP seniors believe significant changes are needed to ensure their children and grandchildren will get the Social Security benefits they’ve been promised. The poll was conducted March 6-8 of 800 registered voters age 55 and older. Clearly they see a problem, why doesn’t AARP….?