Walking the Floor

By March 11, 2005General

Of course, the real fun of National Manufacturing Week is just walking the floor, being out there among all the gadgets and technology and general cool stuff. Woe to anyone who stops to talk to one of the proud manufacturers about their product — you might be there all day. They do love to talk about the things they make, and it’s just great to be among them, the best manufacturers in the world. NAM Board Member and NMW stalwart Ron Bullock of Bison Gear was there yet again this year holding court before a pretty constant crowd at his booth. Of course, his big attraction — powered by his world beating gears — is the Aquamassage, a thing that kinda looks like a tanning bed but is really a water-powered body massager. The lines waiting to try that were at times pretty long. Just one of the many attractions this week.