The Bloggers’ Victory Over the UAW

By March 18, 2005General

You regular blog readers know that the UAW tried to thwart the First Amendment and the United States Marines by banning right-thinking Marines from its parking lot on weekends. See this link. Thanks to relentless ridicule generated by this and other blogs, the UAW finally relented and ran with their tails between their legs from one of the most boneheaded PR moves ever made by anyone, since OSHA announced it was going to start inspecting private homes. Here’s the follow-up story about the UAW’s unconditional retreat. This whole episode is still a window to their soul, showing us what they really believe. Sad.

By the way, if you haven’t already done so, check out the comments on that story below. Just click on “View or Submit a Comment” under the UAW story. There are some dissenting views there, views the UAW would never have posted.