Stretching the Truth?

By March 28, 2005General

Interesting article by the by the Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger in her “Work & Family” column last week, saying that lying is on the upswing in the workplace. Citing surveys by CCH, Inc. and Kronos, Inc. done over the past year, she reports that some 60% of those who call in sick aren’t sick at all. More relevant to needed changes in federal policy, she notes that “Groups that track family leave use say more employees are stretching the reasons for taking time off, even claiming that a common cold warrants a medical leave.” We will note for the record our true and sincere belief that the vast majority of employees are honest and conscientious. However, there are some who are ruining it for the rest. There are people out there who constantly game the system, especially as it pertains to FMLA leave. The initial concept of “serious medical condition” in the law has been rendered virtually meaningless in its application. Hopefully you are tracking your leave and letting us know what you find. Some NAM members have wonderful bar graphs that show inordinate usage of FMLA leave on Mondays and Fridays, for example. If you have any information, you should share it with the NAM’s VP of HR Policy, Sandy Boyd.