Shameless Marketing Ploy

By March 23, 2005General

Don’t know if you Washingtonians saw Amy Joyce’s article on the front page of the Washington Post last Saturday about how some folks use their blogs as shameless marketing ploys. We were shocked, frankly. Happily, she didn’t mention us, as it appears they are preparing an entire special edition on the NAM blog. We’re that huge.

In any event, on a related topic, here’s a very cool video that we released at National Manufacturing Week last month. If this doesn’t make you proud to be a member of the NA of M, we don’t know what will. You’ll see NAM Board Members Kellie Johnson, Kendig Kneen, the omnipresent Al Stimac, and Ursula Burns. Sharp-eyed viewers will even see the blogger-in-chief at the 1:36 mark. A special thanks to our own Beth “Spielberg” Solomon who put it all together. Way cool.