Manufacturing Location Survey Results

By March 11, 2005Studies and Reports

In a study released by Deloitte (in conjunction with the NAM) this past Tuesday, some 65% of manufacturers surveyed plan expansions in the coming year, with 70% of those expansions in the US. This was a survey done of a few hundred manufacturers in every geographical region and sector and of every size. In fact, there were more small and medium manufacturers responding than large ones. Surveyed were C-level execs: Presidents, CEO’s and COO’s. This of course jibes with what we’re hearing from NAM members in surveys and anecdotally this year.

In terms of the top location objectives, the study found (not surprisingly) reducing costs, accessing markets, improving productivity and adding top line revenue.

What do manufacturers look for when locating a new facility? Utility reliability and quality topped the list, followed by access to customers, cost of labor, and ease of doing business. Interestingly, incentives were near the bottom of the list in terms of critical decision factors in deciding where to locate.

Here are the slides from Deloitte Principal Phil Schneider outlining the major findings of the study, and here’s a copy of the Executive Summary.