Good Friday Shocker: AFL-CIO Out of Touch with its Members!

By March 25, 2005General

In a poll released this week, almost 60% of union members showed interest in creating personal retirement accounts for Social Security, if they had the option. The President’s plan would give people the option of investing a portion of their Social Security in a personal account which would — God forbid — grow at a faster rate than Social Security. Better still, workers would own it and could pass it along to their heirs.

Of course, union members — who have proven time and time again that they are smarter than their leadership — realize this and support it. These would be the same union members who increasingly own stock in their companies, so they get it.

The same poll showed that union members overwhelmingly support Congressional action now to fix Social Security, another position at odds with their leadership. Once again, their leadership is so out of touch with the wishes and beliefs of their membership, from supporting bigger government — and the higher taxes on their members that it brings — to supporting candidates with dismal records on manufacturing, it’s just one more way that they are out of touch with their members.

Soon-to-be retired John Sweeney should pay heed to his members’ wishes.