Friday Follies: The National Association of Bling’n

By March 11, 2005Friday Follies

Always wanting to be on the cutting edge, here’s a website, that translates search results into Snoop Dogg slang, or “izzle-speak”. (Here’s an even better website,, which will tell you that Snoop Dogg’s real name is Calvin Broadus.)

Gizoogle, featured in an article in the Washington Post this week by Stephen Crockett, has lots of good features, including a translator (“Textilizer”) and some very funny images. WARNING: Not all are suitable for the young ‘uns (“young thugs”).

So what happens if you go and type “National Association of Manufacturers” into Gizoogle’s “Textilizer”? Well, we got “National Association of Bling’n” yesterday (our favorite, since we make the bling bling) and the less attractive “National Association of Posers” today. Ick. “Trial lawyers” translates into “Trial cracka”. Works for us. Give it a spin.

Have a good weekend. We out.